The vast plains of Vigrid
Hundreds of leagues before us
This world shall behold, true
death in all of it's forms

Horn blasts in the darkness
The gods awaken from slumber
as the ship of the dead
comes crashing on to shore

The brothers infernal together
World serpent and the swordmaw
Ready and willing for war
as the fires of Surtr... arise

Followed by his sons
and Garm, the hound of Hel
The wolves howl and charge
with the beasts of Muspel

The gods had formed their ranks
though scattering they appeared
All of them, crowned by death
before the last light wanes

The lightning fires up the clouds
Flames divide the storm
Hearken the sound of peril
The final clash in the north

Kuin kasteena aamun,
valui veri niityn korsilla
Eivät mahtaviin tekoihin pystyneet
Jumaliksi itsensä nostaneet

Raivoisa tuuli niittyä piiskaa
On ainoa ääni sen huuto
Pian se katseensa kääntää pois
Suden aika koittaa saa


from Towards The Gates of North, released January 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Wolfhorde Keuruu, Finland

Wolfhorde is a metal band from Finland that produces music loaded with acoustic and traditional elements and mixes them together in a way that creates strong atmospheres. Lyrics ranging from the times of iron ages to present world create the themes inspired by mythology, history, nature, shamanism and so on. ... more

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