Death Long​-​Due

from by Wolfhorde



The world darkens, the wings of rancor
engulfing the ground
Two heavenly bodies now gone
The mistrust ignites

From the midst of idle gods
there was heard a call
The mead-filled old man
yelled across the hall

I heard the lightning strike,
six crackling roars
The ripper of the skies
has been set free

Death Long-Due!

Dressing for an easy war
grasping his spear
of great Yggdrasil root
lusting for blood

I shall paint the ground
the curse of doom
He will find his way
the unmarked tomb

On his steed he rode
The legs like spiders
quaked the ground

Upon his shoulders
the crows, ever cunning
betrayal on their mind

Hooves struck the heathers
The old man had arrived
The wolf unfettered
with vengeance, roared

How kind of you to join me
oh father of the slain
For eternity I waited for this day

The crows turned on their master
took off the loyal disguise
The god of victory knew fear
as they plucked out his eyes

The swordmaw growled and leaped
sinking his teeth
in the throat so divine
and heavens wept

A mighty river flowed
Blood of the king
The rain of ash covered
the winter's sting


from Towards The Gates of North, released January 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Wolfhorde Keuruu, Finland

Wolfhorde is a metal band from Finland that produces music loaded with acoustic and traditional elements and mixes them together in a way that creates strong atmospheres. Lyrics ranging from the times of iron ages to present world create the themes inspired by mythology, history, nature, shamanism and so on. ... more

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