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Verkkovirta Buy and be surprised. Best folk/viking singles in 2012 Favorite track: Nyvinland.
Jasmin Anderson
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Jasmin Anderson Loved Wolfhorde since I stumbled across the Ravished Demo years ago. Followed them ever since. Everything they've done is awesome! A must for folk metal fans.
Lou Yardley
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Lou Yardley I got the band's other stuff for free from their website a fair while ago. It was all awesome. So, when I found out this single was being released, I knew I had to own it. Fantastic folk metal. Favorite track: Nyvinland.
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Just like all Wolfhorde releases to date, the newest release "Nyvinland" is a home studio production of quality previously unachievable.

Nyvinland was recorded at Wolfhorde Homelair Studio in Summer 2012. Orchestral arrangements, producing and all sound engineering by Juha-Matti Koppelomäki.

"Cover art" reproduced from a painting by Oscar Wergeland (1844–1910)


released August 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Wolfhorde Keuruu, Finland

Wolfhorde is a metal band from Finland that produces music loaded with acoustic and traditional elements and mixes them together in a way that creates strong atmospheres. Lyrics ranging from the times of iron ages to present world create the themes inspired by mythology, history, nature, shamanism and so on. ... more

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Track Name: Nyvinland
Three years of winter passed
Longlasting, miserable and cold
Men grew tired, cursed the gods
Never knew what would unfold

The land was set on fire
By the beasts of Muspelheim
Men abandoned their land
Built ships to sail the seas

"Nouskaa! Tulkaa! Soutakaa!
Takanamme on vain palava maa
Meren takana meitä odottaa
Valloittamaton Uusiniittymaa!"

The old world was made undone
In this war no men could've won
A rumour spread across the seas
The land beyond had survived

The faith of gods was renewed
Hope was lost, but born again
The land that was once found
Was now to be conquered

"Nouskaa! Tulkaa! Soutakaa!
Takanamme on vain palava maa
Meren takana meitä odottaa
Valloittamaton Uusiniittymaa!"

A new king was chosen to rule
A kingdom that was about to be
And to serve as a leader in war
To encourage bravery of hearts

Assault from the sea begun
Horizon was ignited by thunder
Dragons floated silently in water
Longship Armada ready to moor

The world became shattering
And the skies unwelcoming
The grasp had been released
By the Serpent of the sea

"Nouskaa! Tulkaa! Soutakaa!
Takanamme on vain palava maa
Meren takana meitä odottaa
Valloittamaton Uusiniittymaa!"

The shore was swarming with worms
And snakes of abnormal size
Skeletons and rotten corpses
Skulls staring with empty eyes

The men grew fearsome
But seeked for revenge
They wanted to die
In a battle for their king

The fire had taken all enemies
No viking could die of old age
So they drew their swords
And fought each other in rage
Track Name: Deathknot
The final time, we have gathered
Consistent fight upon us
The gods of wrath and war
feast for the end

This story will be told
Journey lives through tales
There's no rewards nor glory
only death greets our dawn

Without a single sound of hope
embracing the battle
There's a reason to be scared
No one will be spared

So small, the cause for this all
I'll bleed for my own words
Ain't afraid to face my fate
Kuolo meidät korjatkoon!